Envelope1976 is a newly launched design brand from Oslo, Norway. Designed for a modern, and quality-conscious woman with a sustainable approach.

Envelope1976 is all about sustainability, as they find it crucial to change the attitude towards production and consumption in the fashion industry. The brand’s DNA is built on their choice of materials, design and colour palette – all timeless, eco-conscious and natural.

Their collections are minimalistic, timeless, yet fashionable. There is no one way to wear Envelope1976. Their garments can be worn in multiple ways.

For Envelope1976 this is key, since they believe it to be more sustainable to consume garments that will last for years. It is not only the material that can affect the timeline of a garment, it is also important that the design will last, and that you can discover new ways to style your pieces. The brand doesn’t follow seasons, and truly believe that there is no need to follow seasons to be fashionable, conscious and stylish. For the founders, Celine Aagaard and Pia Nordskaug - sustainability and fashion has been a lifelong passion.

Web: envelope.no
Instagram: @envelope1976
Facebook: @Envelope1976