Jara Marken


Marken is a visual artist working in Oslo. While her work often features textile, she also works with a range of media, such as paintings and sculptures.

She graduated with a BFA from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO) in 2018, with a project entitled ‘Sculptures Paradise.’ Her work was exhibited in several group exhibitions, including, ‘Språk fra hånden’ at the Telemark Art Centre (2019), Østlandsutstillingen(2019), and Hvitsten Salonger(2019). She is currently working towards her second solo exhibition, which will be shown in Bergen at Galleri KRAFT, this autumn.

Interested in the intersection of art and fashion, she collaborated with the Norwegian sportswear brand ‘Raske Rêvêr’ on the collection “Sur La Mer” for Oslo Runway in 2018. Marken draws inspiration from nature and the shifting surroundings how they affects us subconsciously. Through abstraction, crisp colors, rhythm and repetition, she explores different qualities and transfers them to her visual landscape. Her works express a playful approach to the existential. 

Instagram: @jaramarken