Maria Storm-Gran


What is a loving gaze? You know it, when you experience it.

You are seen in an honest way, time is folded around you. Maria is aiming that somewhat the same feelings which happens in her, appears in you when you watch the films and videos she makes. She wants you to see the world through her loving pinhole. 

⁣She is a filmmaker when she paints, a filmmaker when she films. She is interested in picture telling, playing with genres, seeking, through a pinhole, turning one universe up side down. She likes framing parts of reality. Subjective and broken documentary is her genre, her realism and romanticism. She is studying at The Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo, currently embodying "the perfect spaghetti.

(b.1995 in Oslo, Norway)⁣

Instagram: @normeniganen
Vimeo: stormen