March 9th 2020

Futuristic, but make it natural


Norwegian fashion brand looks back in time to shape the future of fashion.

– We try to be “future”, but instead of using unsustainable synthetic fibers, which is often connected with future design, we choose only to use natural fabrics for our collections. Says Avenue designer Gustaf Gyllenhammar. Alongside Ingvild Abrahamsen and  Espen Follestad, they established the brand in 2015. Since then the trio have worked on developing the brand’s signature, where the eclectic expression reflects how their individual personalities really complement each other.

Text by Jules Reitan
Photos by Kat Gade

With the word “sustainability” being thrown around like it was confetti these days, working as the ultimate selling point for many brands, Avenue has chosen a more subtle approach.

– Everyone speaks about sustainability today, which was not the case just 2 seasons ago. This is a good thing, but it shouldn’t be just another trend.” Says Gustaf.

Avenue’s sustainable approach has been a natural part of the design process from the start, due to their preference of pure fabrics such as wool, silk, yak, cashmere and cotton, to achieve a specific look. To them, constructing great design is their number one priority and being sustainable is evident.

– Our thought has always been that clothes shouldn’t have an expiration date, destined to be thrown away. We think a lot about creating silhouettes out of quality fabrics that will last long and keep their shape.” Says Ingvild.

In addition to using only natural textiles, the brand focuses on upcycling by reusing fabrics and specific styles from previous collections. A lot of their garments are just as relevant year after year due to the timeless design, which is why they have been able to use the same turtleneck for three seasons now. Espen also enlighten us about the sustainable aspect of not separating the collections into womenswear and menswear:

– All our clothes are unisex, and some of our styles are onesize and can be adjusted, which is something that generates less production waste. 

The Avenue team does not chase trends, and their designs are based on what they personally want to wear. Being highly influenced by the alternative music arena of the 80s and 90s people relating to these references within the clothes will definitely catch a vibe.

– Our clothes do not speak to everyone. We aim to be a niche brand, presenting edgy, well made clothes. There isn’t really a target audience because anyone can wear our brand, but what we don’t want is to adapt to the mainstream.” Says Espen. 

For their newest AW20 collection, the team has continued to play with certain aspects from last season and has even added a special symbolic meaning. What this is all about is yet to be revealed at Romsås t-banestasjon 13th of March, when this season’s Fushion kicks off.

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