Ingrid Vik Lysne


Ingrid Vik Lysne lives by inspiring people to reuse and redesign, through social media. She holds sewing courses for children and adolescents alongside of being a TV show host, author and speaker. Lysne has studied law and product design but started for herself as an influencer and entertainment profile in reuse and redesign shortly after.

Lysne has a following of more than 130.000 people in social media, with the largest group in reach being children and youth. She inspires her followers to reuse by inspiring through her own work while teaching stitching and redesigning.

She has previously been a participant in Symesterskapet on NRK, and collaborated on creating social media content with, among others, the National Theater, Fretex and Lindex. Lysne is also a frequently appearing guest on Norwegian TV programs such as God Morgen Norge, Julemorgen, podcasts and etc. where she further inspires her cause.

Instagram: @ingridviklysne