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March 14th 2020 at DogA
Welcome to Fushion Oslo

Do thoughts matter if we don’t act on them?

Fushion Oslo brings forth collaborators for the topic: From Thought to Action and let sustainability be the core of the conversations surrounding the work that will be exhibited March 14th 2020 at DogA

Open Program

Fushion Oslo provides an Open Program with free access to all exhibitions and activities at Fushion Oslo’s main location: Doga. The program welcomes everyone, not only those in the creative industry, but for anyone who are interested in fashion, art, culture and sustainability.


Talks Program

Fushion Oslo provides a Talks Program open to all ticket holders at the main location: DogA. The main hall will be set up for talks & panel discussions surrounding the themes all connected to the main topic: From Thought to Action. The panel debates deal with identity, consumer behavior, environmental issues and gender roles in art & fashion!

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Driven by

This seasons topic «From thought to action» lets sustainability be at the core of the conversations surrounding the work that will be exhibited.

From sustainable material mix and digital designs to fashion and art made out of waste

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